MEREDITH DRIVE SATURDAY - 5:00 PM | Meredith Drive Sunday - 9:00 AM | The Bridge Sunday - 10:00 AM

Pastor Suzanne Interviews Meridith De Kruyf

Our Phased Approach to regathering

The following infographic is provided as a guide to help us visualize the phased approach we will be utilizing as we begin to regather. While these phases have no specific dates, our health team, staff, and ad board will continuously monitor recommendations from local health departments and the CDC to guide our progress. As you navigate our website, you will notice that we have not modified what a typical Sunday worship looks like at Meredith Drive and The Bridge. This is for the benefit of visitors to our website who want a glimpse of all that Meredith Drive Reformed Church has to offer. During this season, please refer to this COVID-19 page for any modifications that will be happening around our campuses as we begin to regather. In the coming weeks, you will be invited to pre-register for in-person worship. Rest assured, we have been planning on how to regather safely for a couple of months now. We will be practicing social distancing, wearing masks, and Kid's Connection is on hold for the time being. Please refer to the infographic below for other changes to our conventional processes.

Mental Health During COVID-19

Pastor Sara Gregory had the privilege of interviewing these incredible therapists last weekend, who shared some very practical advice for taking care of your mental health in quarantine. We talked about everything from managing anxiety, to parenting practices, to navigating conflict in close quarters, to practices that keep us grounded. A huge thank you to Margo Hanson, Heidi Vermeer-Quist, Jean Holthaus, and Tiffany Schupanitz for joining her.