Corporate Communication 2021


Meredith Drive Sunday - 9:00 AM | The Bridge Sunday - 10:00 AM

As we continue to pray and discern the way forward for Meredith Drive Reformed Church, we invite you to join us in a series of webinars to hear more about the "why" and "what" behind key questions our congregation is considering. Our goal is to create a chance to share information and learn, not necessarily debate and discuss. We will be recording the webinars to make them available for viewing on the website if you cannot attend live.  



  • Thursday, April 29, 6:30 PM – Unification: Why would we consider unifying? What are the factors that we're considering? 
  • Thursday, May 6, 6:30 PM – Virtual Ministry: Why would we consider investing in online ministry? What could it look like to build virtual discipleship communities? 
  • Thursday, May 20, 6:30 PM – Human Sexuality: Why do people disagree on what the Bible says about human sexuality? What do different perspectives say about this important topic? 
  • Thursday, May 27, 6:30 PM – RCA and Vision 2020: Why is the RCA experiencing so much conflict? What are the recommendations of the Vision 2020 report? 


Our webinars will be available here the day after they are scheduled to go live. To view past webinars, click the down arrow button on the left side of the screen, and a drop-down box will appear. Select the video you would like to view.