Town Hall Meeting


Meredith Drive Sunday - 9:00 AM | The Bridge Sunday - 10:00 AM

June 13, 2021

11:15 AM

10025 NW 62nd Ave. Johnston, IA 50131

Please join us Sunday, June 13th at 11:15 AM at The Bridge campus for a Town Hall meeting. You will be able to ask questions, hear more about unification, and a chance to affirm the recommendation of the administraive board or voice concerns.

Our Administrative Board and pastoral staff have been struggling for the last year with how to be good financial stewards while staying focused on our vision, even as the world changes around us. We’ve prayed. We’ve talked. We’ve gathered information. And we’ve prayed some more. Our prayers have led us to this reality: In order to live in and share the love of Jesus Christ, a church needs to feel unified, financially stable, and focused on its vision.

The good news is that our leadership is fully engaged and committed to our vision. But, we have work to do managing our resources and strengthening our congregation. We’ve been through difficult times before, and with God as our guide we’ve made it through. And so, with the Spirit’s help, we have created a plan:

  1. We will unify our ministry. As a consolidated congregation together in one location, acting as one body, we can focus our resources as a more fully engaged community that serves our neighbors so that the next generation can experience life in Jesus.
  2. We will minister from a position of strength. We’ve spent considerable time sharpening our vision and renewing our commitment to it. Our vision remains unchanged, but how we carry it out is changing. We will lean into this needed transition as good stewards of our financial resources, create innovative new ministries, and take advantage of renewed momentum and vibrancy.
  3. We will unify at The Bridge. Located in a growing community, The Bridge is a newer building, offers room to grow, and attracts young families. This proposal comes after financial analysis, considering survey results, completing more than 445 phone calls to congregation members, and an incredible amount of prayer. By focusing financial resources on one campus rather than two, we will be better positioned to honor the ministry and build on the foundational legacy Meredith Drive Reformed Church created.