Meredith Drive campus Sunday - 9:00 AM | The Bridge campus Sunday - 10:00 AM


Children have an intrinsic value simply because they were created by God – how do we show them they are valued? By caring for their physical, spiritual and emotional needs…speaking their names gently, reading books about their Creator, singing songs about Jesus, verbalizing our gratefulness for their presence, responding to their cries patiently, reading God’s Word to them, praying for them, rocking them to sleep, and laughing with them. At Meredith Drive Reformed Church we believe that each child entrusted into our care is of utmost value and worth. We desire for each child to know and be known by God even in their infancy and toddlerhood!

  • Nursery care is provided for all Sunday morning worship services, special worship services (i.e. Thanksgiving) or for a special event when stated in the Meredith Drive Reformed Church bulletin or E-News communications.

For Children Under Three Years of Age

Nursery is available for children age three and under. Meredith Drive Reformed Church provides specialized nursery spaces so children will have an age-appropriate space and specialized care in various developmental stages. Each campus has an infant and a toddler nursery.

  • The infant room is for newborns to age 15-18 months/crawlers/non-steady walkers. Our infant nursery is a place especially designed for little ones who are beginning to grow and explore.
  • The toddler room is designed for children roughly 15-18 months through three year olds who are on the move and who are steady walkers. Each child is welcome to move to the toddler nursery when parents and staff feel the child is socially and physically ready to do so.

Well Baby Nursery

  • Meredith Drive Reformed Church has a “well baby” nursery policy.
  • Meredith Drive Reformed Church works to diligently and regularly clean toys and nursery equipment with the highest standards to keep our nursery spaces as sanitary as possible for the health and wellness of our children, parents and volunteers.
  • At this age, children are touching and exploring everything and learning to share toys which means they are also potentially sharing germs.
    • For this reason, we ask that you refrain from bringing your child to our nurseries if he/she is not feeling well. To minimize the spread of illness we cannot care for a child in the nursery who has a fever, a contagious rash, a runny nose that is not clear, or who has any other sign of infection. We kindly ask that all parents help care for their child and other children by following these important well-baby guidelines.

Helpful Information for Parents

  • While your child is in the nursery, a parent or guardian must remain in the building at all times.
  • Diaper bags: A space is provided for diaper bags and coats. Diaper bags need to be clearly identified to facilitate care of the child. Name tags are available to help identify diaper bags.
  • Personal Items: Please label all pacifiers, bottles, sippy cups, etc. Mark your child’s items with his/her name or initials to prevent mix-ups. This also helps in preventing the spread of germs from child to child.
  • Meredith Drive Reformed Church works to ensure that our Nursery Ministry staffs volunteers that are well trained to care for the children in our nurseries. We work diligently to provide a 1:2 volunteer to child ratio in our infant nurseries and a 1:4 volunteer to child ratio in our toddler nurseries.
  • Each child must be checked in and be wearing a name tag on their back. Please see the Check-in information in this brochure for details on how to register your child or check them in each time you arrive to church.
  • Parents or guardians may drop their children off before the start of worship, or anytime throughout the worship service. We kindly ask that parents pick up their children as soon as worship is over.
  • For the safety of all of our children, parents must have their parent security badge with them. The security badge must match the number on the child’s name tag.

We welcome you to communicate any special information (i.e. potty training or other needs) to the nursery volunteer when you drop them off, or speak directly with our Kids Ministry Early Childhood staff members who will be glad to assist you.