If we want to know God and follow God well in the world, we need to know his story, and know his Word, and practice appropriately applying his word to our lives. 

The following lessons are:

  • Reading the Big Story of the Bible: In this section we will explore the important story arcs of God’s relationship to humanity through scripture. (Includes small group discussion questions)
  Story of the Bible
  • The Context of the Story: n this section we will focus on what was happening historically through scripture to help us understand different books of the Bible in their context. (Includes small group discussion questions)
  Context of the Story
  • Applying the Story to Your Life: In this section, we will explore the kinds of questions we need to ask of the scripture text, it’s context, and the context we find ourselves in if we are going to faithfully interpret and apply the Bible to our lives. (Includes small group discussion questions)
  Applying the Story
  • The Lord's Prayer: In this section, you can learn more about the context of the Lord's Prayer and receive some guidance on how to pray each line of this prayer with more intentionality. 
  The Lord's Prayer

These lessons are from weekly email lessons Pastor Sara Nielsen has been sending out. If you have any questions please email her at saranielsen@meredithdrive.org. If you are not getting these emails and would like to, sign up here. 

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Small Group Resources

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Words of Hope

All people in all places should have access to God’s Word. With Words of Hope, you can grow in faith by connecting daily to the truths of Scripture with daily devotionals.
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