2022 Congregational Meeting


Sundays 9:00 AM & 10:30 AM • OFFICE HOURS: MONDAY - THURSDAY 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Joint worship service at 9:00 AM - Sunday, January 23, 2022
Congregational Meeting following

As we prepare for our annual congregational meeting, I think it’s fair to say that 2021 has been an eventful year in the life of our church body. Before we turn our attention to 2022…

  • The Digital Community was launched by Pastor Jonny and currently hosts 65 new people who are exploring faith together. Most of these individuals have left the Church or have not been a part of a church previously.
  • Christmas Eve Services - More than 800 people joined us in person and online.
  • Trunk or Treat - We partnered with Johnston Fire Department, welcoming nearly one thousand of our neighbors.
  • Benevolence - We gave away $67,000 above regular benevolence through communion offerings and the reverse offering. 
  • Outreach
    • Hoover - We helped feed Hoover football & basketball players, provided backpacks & shirts for Hoover students.
    • Little Free Pantry restocked countless times.
    • Awarded the Habitat For Humanity Key Award for Faith Partner of the Year.
    • Hosted AA & other community events.
  • North Parking Lot - We sold the lot to Eric and Jenny Quiner of Dogpatch Urban Gardens, allowing them to grow their business of providing healthy food options in the Des Moines metro area.
  • Kids & Student Ministry – Hosted evening VBS, sent adults and students to Rocky Mountain High. Welcomed 30 elementary and 60 middle and high school students on Wednesday nights.
  • Adults Ministry - This fall, there were 19 Bible, and book studies, four Sunday School groups, Pillars and seven one-time events held in person and over Zoom led by pastors and lay leaders.
  • New Families are visiting and becoming part of our church.
2021 In The Books
  • Reserves - Thanks to the sale of the north parking lot and wise stewardship, we have reserves of nearly $3 million ($1 million undesignated).
  • All In Contributions - 
    • $200,680 was reallocated to pay down the mortgage on The Bridge property.
    • Another $30,200 will be distributed by the deacons. 
    • $156,400 was given back to donors, 
    • leaving $1,178,800 available for future capital projects
  • 2021 Approved Budget
    • The Ad Board budgeted for a $68,000 deficit. We closed the year with a deficit of $47,500. 
Looking Forward to 2022
  • Nominations: In May of 2021, the Consistory selected a nominating committee. That team spent the summer prayerfully considering candidates for leadership who were nominated by the congregation. Individuals were affirmed by the Administrative Board and the full Consistory. They are now recommended to you for your prayerful consideration.
  • Update on Sale of 5128 Meredith Drive property: The purchasing church has submitted all necessary paperwork to their bank for approval. We are simply waiting for the bank to provide verification of their ability to purchase. We anticipate this to be a formality based on conversations with multiple individuals. If the sale would not go through for some reason, we have other parties who remain interested.
  • Anticipated Savings from Unification:
    • Building operations - $110,000 (reflected in the 2022 proposed budget)
    • Staffing - $100,000 (reflected in the 2022 proposed budget)
    • Anticipated Sale of 5128 Meredith Drive
      • Debt retirement - $8,050/month, $1 million over the life of the loan (notreflected in the 2022 proposed budget)
        • This would move the 2022 proposed budget from a deficit to a slight surplus.
      • The sale would also provide additional monies to reserves following debt retirement.
  • 2022 Budget: 
    • The Ad Board has planned for a 6% revenue decrease in 2022 out of an abundance of caution.
    • The proposed budget prioritizes ministry as we regather momentum.
    • As previously voted on, the Young Adult ministry initiatives were funded through All In. In 2022, we’ve brought all ministries into the operational budget for transparency and clarity about ongoing costs.
    • The Ad Board and Consistory have unanimously agreed to propose a planned deficit for 2022. We are committed to make adjustments for the 2023 budget if needed.
As you review the 2022 Budget and Slate for Ad Board members, Elders, and Deacons, don’t hesitate to ask current Board members, Deb Conlon or myself, if you have questions. 
  • Detailed copies of the 2022 Budget are available at the church office upon request.  
  • Absentee ballots will also be available January 17 through January 20 during office hours (Monday-Thursday, 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.)
Let me thank you for your generosity and faith, perseverance and hope in 2021. May we fix our eyes on Jesus as we move forward into the future, together.
Pastor Suzanne

Ad Board Nominees   Sample Ballot   Proposed Budget